FRANCO GIAZZI was launched in Italy in 1985 after establishing its leather processing factory. Focusing on developing high-quality products, the brand started to make handmade leather goods. In 1990, the brand showcased luxurious female bag collections for the first time. Following a successful launch of bag collections, the brand expanded to show new main collections using exotic crocodile (la pelle di coccodrillo, 1990) and snake (la pelle di serpent, 1990) skin products targeting female customer. These collections quickly became known for their craftsmanship. it launched the collections in global markets such as the Americas and Asia. As Exclusive Agency for FRANCO GIAZZI, We have been hosting global trade shows and helping the brand to expand new markets. - 2017 Beijing / Shanghai Brand Press Day - 2018 FRANCO GAIZZI's Seoul Showroom open - 2018, 2019 Design Beijing